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"Exercises for the Muscular Development of the Fourth Finger

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I am a Violinist and Pedagogue with a wealth of experience and education. I received a professional degree from the Music School of Buenos Aires, a teaching degree from the Barcelona Music School, a Major in Violin Performance from the Conservatory of the Liceu Theater in Barcelona, and a Master's degree in Research from the Valencian International University. Additionally, I have a specialization in Psychomotricity from the European University Manuel de Cervantes.

I have been teaching for nearly 20 years in various schools in Argentina, Spain, Poland, and Romania. Currently, I am the head violin teacher at Esclat Barcelona Music School, Viaró Global School, and SolFaMi Online School.

My research focuses on biomechanics in violin playing, and I am set to publish four books on this subject this year. I am also the creator of the largest Spanish-language violin blog in the world, MiViolinBlog, where I share my experience in violin teaching and playing. I also work as conductor of the AMA Orchestra in Barcelona, Spain, where my students and I work on musical group experience and technique.

"Music can give a name to the unnameable and communicate the unknown."

Leonard Bernstein

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