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Tomás Cunsolo is an accomplished Violinist, Pedagogue, and Researcher based in Barcelona, Spain. With a rich background in music education, performance, and research, Tomás brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the field of violin playing and teaching.

Tomás serves as the Head Teacher of Violin at Viaró Global School, Docencia i Investigació S.A. in Barcelona. He has also held a similar position at Music School Esclat, contributing significantly to the development of young violinists.

Tomás is also a published author in the field of violin pedagogy. His "Biomechanics Treaty on Violin Performance"("Biomecánica del violín") published by Editorial Boileau, Barcelona, Spain, showcases his in-depth knowledge of violin technique and biomechanics. He has also authored "Exercises for the Muscular Development of the Fourth Finger," further highlighting his commitment to improving violin playing techniques through the scientific study of biomechanics.

Tomás holds a Master’s Degree in Research in Psychomotricity in Violin Playing and Pedagogy from Valencia International University. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Violin Performance at the prestigious Liceu Conservatory in Barcelona. Additionally, Tomás earned Associate Degrees in Musical Education and Violin Specialization from the Municipal Conservatory of Barcelona, Spain, and the Grassi Conservatory in Buenos Aires, Argentina, respectively, and in Psychomotricity Specialization and Early Child Development from the University Miguel de Cervantes.

I have performed in concerts with the Piazzolinos quartet in Uruguay and Argentina, taking part in various music festivals. Additionally, I have worked as a teacher at several schools, including the "Los Rinconcitos" Infant School and the Palermo Music School in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Currently, I am teaching at the Escola de Musica Esclat and Viaró Global School

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