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Comprehensive Biomechanical Analysis for Violinists

Personalized Exercises, Common Problems, and Computer-Aided Solutions

We offer a personalized biomechanical analysis service through a movement monitoring and study system. This service is useful for both students and professionals. Our goal is to detect incorrect movement patterns and prescribe specific physical and technical exercises for each case. In this way, it is possible to correct all kinds of errors taking into account all the joints of the hands and arms.

This service is recommended for all violinists who want to:

  • Reduce the chances of injury

  • Understand the current state of your biomechanical capacity

  • Increase Articulation Speed

  • Resolve precise technical difficulties in specific works and passages

  • Improve technical efficiency

  • improve sound

  • Perform a correct vibrato

  • Regarding the process, the interested party must send a recording of the work or technical

Comprehensive analysis of violin technique and injury prevention

In just a few days, we will send you a complete analysis in a PDF file. This report will include a general analysis, personalized physiotherapeutic and technical violin exercises, presentation of common and specific problems, and their respective solutions. Additionally, we will provide some examples of computer-aided analysis.

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